An organization was in the process of changing its top-level structure. During the first meeting with the participants, we happened to touch the topic of Bulgaria and Romania and the common mix-up of these two countries. Hence I decided to look for a place close to the Romanian Embassy to focus the well-tempered problem on roles, hierarchies and the effects of being sure. On a crossing in a park I placed one chair, and when the two participants, the chief executive and a new executive, arrived I invited them to take a seat.

The initial irritation about the setting and the variations of who took a seat on that chair led the participants to closer understand the different perspectives and to also take a critical stance towards the implicit impacts of the changes.

Well Tempered Problem 28

Client: organization
Mandate: process development
Type: facilitation
Activity: negotiating seating order, talking
People: 1 chief executive, 1 executive,
facilitator, designer
Duration: 2 hours
Hardware: public place, chair

Well tempered Problem 28